Radnor High School – November 29, 2016


Post by Club President: John Mohler

At 11:30 on Tuesday November 29th, the Radnor High School Students Helping Students Club traveled to the GW Childs School in Philadelphia. The club delivered approximately 300 library books, Pre-Algebra textbooks, and workbooks. We also delivered several boxes of basic supplies, which we had collected during our supply drive for GW Childs. These supplies included markers, pencils, pens, colored pencils, binders, pocket folders, spiral notebooks, crayons, scissors, etc.

When we arrived at GW Childs, the SHS club members were welcomed at the door with smiling faces and invited to meet some of the students. The third graders had a blast seeing some of the older students who had some to visit. We enjoyed helping to supervise the younger grades at recess- playing games, chatting, and getting to know the students. Later in the day, the Radnor club spoke with eighth graders about the importance of school in the upcoming years and chatted (over slices of pizza) about the high schools that the Childs students would soon be attending. Overall, the Radnor students were happy to travel to Philadelphia for a great cause!

After realizing that GW Childs is in great need of recess and gym equipment, Radnor is currently organizing a supply drive for these supplies. A number of club members are also participating in the SHS Pen Pal Mentoring program with 1st, 7th, and 8th graders at GW Childs and the Overbrook Educational Center.