Harriton High School – Feb. 2016 – Weekly Tutoring

Post by Club President Katie Rush

Starting in the middle of February, Harriton Students Helping Students has gone to Overbrook Educational Center almost every Thursday, with around 3-5 Harriton club members to help out after school.

From around 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM, we go to the school and help out with whatever they need. For one of the weeks, we helped set up for the career fair happening in the gym. More regularly, we help tutor for PSSA math, by individually helping certain students, with fractions, percentages, etc. Additionally, towards the end of the tutoring program, we helped with the spring musical, helping out backstage and keeping the students quiet.

Ultimately, this volunteer experience was a ton of fun for all of the Harriton students that attended, as well as the Overbrook students. Not only did we get to learn a ton about each of them, but we made some really great friendships!