Henderson High School – October 10, 2016


Post by Club President: Grace Zandi

On October 10th, 2016 Henderson High School’s Students Helping Students club visited the GW Childs School in south Philadelphia. The Henderson delegation included eight of our most dedicated members along with the club supervisor, Ms. Taylor Patchak. Both groups of girls from Henderson and the GW Childs school had a wonderful time chatting and editing the students’ application essays for high school. The members from the Henderson SHS club were happy to work with the girls from the GW Childs school, and in the process the girls became wonderful friends. SHS club members can’t wait to have the chance to visit the GW Childs School again and have the opportunity to get to know the girls even better!

The Henderson SHS club also had its first booth at the Henderson High School Homecoming Carnival. The booth featured a game where customers were given the chance to guess the number of pieces of candy in a jar, for a dollar, and whoever was closest won the jar of candy! Overall, the event was a success and more people were able to hear about the Students Helping Students mission to improve educational equity.

The Henderson club is looking forward other visits to both the GW Childs School and the Overbrook Educational Center. The club is also planning on hosting more fundraisers to purchase supplies for our partner schools!