Great Valley High School – January 8, 2015


Post by Club President: Nick Chawaga

We organized and ran a successful supply drive for our high school. Our club successfully advertised this drive throughout the whole high school and held a homeroom competition to see which room could collect the most supplies.

We collected about five full boxes of supplies which were donated to South Philadelphia High School. The boxes included many basic necessities to class such as paper, pencils, notebooks, binders and more.

Some of these items will be sold to the students in a school store for a very cheap price. All of these profits from the store will then be put back in to getting better supplies. Also, our club delivered graphing calculators which will help SPHS’s math department.

The items include: 5 packs binder clips, 3 tissue boxes, 14 pencil boxes, 17 spiral notebooks, 6 packs of notecards, 5 binders, 2 sheet protector packs (100 ea), 3 packs of pens, 3 Eraser packs, 1 box of miscellaneous, books, Hanging folders, White board cleaner, Hole reinforcements, Rubber bands Printer paper, Paper clips, and pens.