Students Donate School Supplies To Less Fortunate Peers

Recently in Philadelphia there have been major concerns by many about budget cuts and it is hurting the already struggling Title 1 schools. Students Helping Students is making sure they have everything they need. Reporter, Rob Wu, explains. “It is like Robinhood except they are not stealing… An endless book buffet and it is all you can read. Quality education academy teacher Linda Davis has pored over the spread and made her selections of books she believes will bring a smile to her students.” Linda explains, “some kids wanted a better variety of books and that it will enhance the reading levels. The book fair brain child of Wake Forest, Bill Zandi states, “It started out in a High School community service project and has now become a passion.” He goes on to explain that it is extremely important that we close the education gap between the rich and poor. See the full news story by clicking the link below:

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