Our Mission

Students Helping Students is committed to helping impoverished educational institutions.

We recycle educational books, supplies, furnishings and technology from areas of wealth to schools in need.

The nation’s distribution of income and wealth is highly skewed and becoming more so.

A key to changing this disturbing dynamic is raising the educational attainment of those who are being left behind.

Without a better education, those with less income and wealth will have difficulty improving their financial situation. The American Dream is at risk.

SHS is working to address this problem by recycling materials that are typically discarded to schools that are in desperate need. It is a win-win.

Wealthy entities save the costs of disposing their unwanted materials and needy schools are getting much needed help. Furthermore, it is a win for the environment.

Our Values

To succeed at our mission, SHS will adhere to these values:

All decisions of the organization are made in the context of the mounting educational crisis.

Wherever possible, our actions will serve to mitigate the problem. Our activities will be under constant evaluation and re-assessment, continuously innovating and improving.

Our full attention is given to both the donor and recipient institutions, as defined by quick and efficient transaction periods, minimum use of raw materials (including transportation), multi-functionalism, non-obsolescence, and the kind of reward that emerges from the knowledge that your donation will benefit the lives of others for years to come.

SHS recognizes that successful communities are part of a sustainable environment.

We consider ourselves to be an integral part of the community that also includes our employees and volunteers, the neighborhoods which make up our cities, our suppliers and recipients.

We recognize our responsibilities to all these relationships, and make our decisions with their general benefit in mind.

SHS strives to achieve its goals in a financially self-sustaining way. We wish to significantly expand the scope of SHS in other communities across the United States. This can only occur if the organization is financially self-sufficient.

SHS promotes activities that encourage the larger corporate community to adjust its values and behavior and supports those who work to solve the current environmental and social crises, both financially and through community activism.